Ola Sobiecki
Art/ Creative Direction

President of Playlists. 

April 2017
As 2017 rolled in, it was almost time to say goodbye to President Obama. It’s also when he joked to the Swedish Ambassador about wanting his next job to be at Spotify.

Days later, the press was reporting it worldwide, so we posted a job on our careers page called President of Playlists. A job with very, very, exacting requirements that only Obama could ever qualify for. We then sent it out with just a single tweet from Spotify’s CEO.

And word soon spread with coverage in over 300 press articles, and 175 TV segments, including the BBC, CNN, and Comedy Central. On social we hit No.1 on Reddit, and were also a No.1 Twitter Moment. Spotify received over 900 applications, but are still holding out for the perfect candidate.